Fashion guys is one of the fashion trends that never goes out of style, it gives the wearer a fresh, confident, active breath for a day of fun or work. 

The advantage of plaid is easy to wear, easy to coordinate and always gives women a youthful and dynamic style, but equally charming and romantic.

Coordinate graphics with a fresh pattern for summer days

Choose the right size

How to coordinate this motif to never be boring is something that is interested in girls. If you cleverly choose the right size, color and accessories to go with it, girls with ideal body or chubby can all wear this pattern beautifully.

In order to be beautiful with striped motifs, you should not wear "the whole tree" stripes, but should harmonize with the shirt, skirt or accessories that go with it!

Mix crop-top shirt

Stylish and feminine with tight and crop-top skirts. Mixing a warm red crop-top shirt with a simple horizontal striped skirt, you will surely captivate those around you with both modern and feminine beauty.

You do not need to be too fussy when mixing clothes with plaid skirts, crop-top, glasses are the perfect accessories for this set. The second mix of clothes is for the girls who like the difference and want to be the center of attention.

Checkered overalls

Horizontal striped tops combined with checkered overalls seem to suit tomboy and mischievous girls. With the impressive accessories attached, you have an impressive streetwear outfit. 

With a little more red lipstick, she can confidently go down the street without thinking.

Bright color tone

Horizontal is one of the classic styles of clothing but is always loved. Instead of the classic black and white color, you can replace it with bright colors like blue, pink ... for beach trips, the blue striped dresses are very suitable.

Dance, feminine

These summer dresses will make you stand out and stride confidently in the sand. Or more feminine with a fancy asymmetrical plaid dress and the highlight is a very prominent chest pocket. 

Combining additional accessories is a papyrus hat, you will have a stylish outfit immediately. Opt for lightweight shoes if you want to be really comfortable on top. Simple but extremely impressive.