The warm, cool weather of the first days of March will be very suitable for you to wear gentle shirts. Below are the young and stylish shirts that are very popular with active and stylish girls.

Mix stylish shirts for a warm sunny day

Show your personality confidently

Loose shirts that bring a sense of comfort and dynamism are currently "extremely hot" stlye for young girls. They help girls confidently show off their personality and fashion sense.

The white shirt is still the most chosen shirt. Easy to mix, and can be worn with many different styles: from dust, personality, gentle, girly, youthful, white shirt to all your wishes.

White shirt

Not only that, they can also be worn to go out, go to school, go to work, etc ... are very beautiful. Therefore, white shirt is considered a must-have outfit of any girl. 

Besides white shirts, denim tops are also very popular. They are especially suitable for girls with a lively, personality.

Mix with jeans

You can mix denim shirts with jeans, skirts, shorts, etc ... but mixing with jeans is still the way many girls like the most. 

Youthful with small checkered shirt. Instead of how to wear a t-shirt, you can break it by incorporating layer outfits. For example, mix a shirt with a T-shirt (the inner t-shirt can be longer than the outer one), skinny jeans, and sneakers.

Breaking shirt

The high-low shirt with the back flap longer than the front flap, which has been popular since summer, still showed no signs of cooling off. 

You can wear shirts that are a bit out of the way with one side of the tunic and the one that falls down is also very youthful and naughty.

Floral shirt

A checkered shirt with vibrant colors makes you confident and stands out. Floral shirts are also one of the hot trends of spring-summer fashion season. 

Mixing shirts with rolled up jeans or shorts on warm days gives you comfort and convenience. In addition, you can also take advantage of shirts as thin coats over t-shirts on cold days like today!