It can be said that this summer we no longer see the silhouette of color block movements, motifs, graphics, ... Instead, there are ways to mix the map with two tones of white and black or even. lice are black on black (black and black), white on white (white and white). 

With these monochrome arrangements, the trend of minimalism has been appearing on the catwalks, street style photos and the number 1 choice of fashionista and fashion icons in the world.

Suggestions for mixing beautiful, simple but impressive furniture with minimal

Minimalistic coordination

Minimalistic coordination does not think monotonous, boring. After a series of colorful and accent trends, the minimalist style is like a new breeze, not fussy and showy, but enough to make the eye aesthetically impressive. To be able to mix minimalist is not difficult, you just need to follow a few small rules:

Choose but basic colors like white, black, gray, nude. Do not use striking colors.
In a set, choose up to 2 tones.

Accessories restriction. A basic watch, ring and slender bracelet are enough for casual style. A statement necklace carries the base color scheme for more luxurious occasions.
Gentle, natural makeup. Choose cat-eye and red lips if you need a highlight for special events.


A plaid shirt, shorts for those who love dynamic dress. Or you can mix white-on-white, black-on-black and items such as crop-top shirts, skirts, shorts, ... 

There is absolutely no limit to the item. However, please be careful about limiting the presence of accessories! A simple watch or bracelet is enough for you to complete the set.

If you are already a student and have the right to dress more comfortably, now is the time for you to experiment with minimalist dressings to school. How to choose the item to go to school completely depends on the rules of each school. 

If your school rules allow skirts to be worn, the shirt combined with the skirt is the perfect mix for the school girl style. Besides, you can completely experiment with white-on-white style with white clothes and clothes or mix and match white-black items together.

How to mix casual clothes

During weekends or parties, girls often prefer to be more attentive and sophisticated. However, not so that the minimalist style will make you boring or monotonous. It is also minimalistic but a flared skirt (tulle skirt), leather skirt legs, high heels or metal accessories are outstanding item statements without being too ostentatious. 

Similar to how to mix casual clothes, you just need to alternate mix-and-match with these item statements and you're ready to stand out and be confident in every party.

Statement necklace

Thinking of the event, we will often think of luxury dresses, elaborate beaded details, sparkling sequins, ... And it would be a mistake to think that you cannot wear minimalism during the sessions. event. Because luxury events are the places to honor the most delicate ways of dressing! 

Structured shirts and skirts, tulle skirts or shirt dresses are perfect basic items to mix with accessories. Statement necklace is created to highlight basic items and they are the choice for your event mix. 

Also with monochrome mapping, you just need to choose a statement necklace with basic tone. , courteous but impressive style is enough for your set to be suitable for events.

Your own style

Mixing minimalist is not just a trend, it has become a way of dressing, entering your own style. Dressing simply, elegantly and politely is the easiest way to create feelings for the other person. 

And of course, mixing fussy items is not wrong, but should avoid redundant details, intricate patterns and accidental dressings that turn yourself into a fashion disaster.