For those with a chubby body, choosing the style and color of the outfit is extremely important and helps you create the perfect look. Usually dark colors are very popular with chubby girls because they help create a sense of their body being balanced and less "fat".

Summer outfits for chubby girl

About the style

You should choose clothes with a moderate shape, not too wide nor too tight to reveal your chubby body. Moderately sleek design is said to be the best fit for you. In addition to the two above, you should also pay attention to the unique features of your body.

For example, with a chubby body and large bust, you should choose large two-wire dresses with round necks, bold colors combined with belts to both enhance a curvaceous circle and create a sense of slim waist. more compact.

Light-colored dress or shirt

Although dark colors have a good effect on hiding your body, it doesn't mean you should always choose dark clothes. You can completely choose bright colors or dresses to represent this summer as long as the dress or shirt has a nice pattern to reduce attention on your figure. 

For example, this two-stringed white floral lace dress, if you combine with a belt and high-heeled sandals with brown tones, will help your waist look slim and your figure is more balanced and neat.

Sleek chiffon shirt

With jeans, you will be comfortable, active but still trendy fashion and youthful. More comfortable, you can choose gentle two-wire shirts mixed with jeans for walking or shopping.

Two-wire shirt hugging chest

Chubby girls, in addition to the disadvantage of "a little fat", often have the advantage of having a pretty full bust and bust. 

Therefore, you should choose clothes that highlight these advantages to reduce the feeling of weight from a chubby body, Choosing a two-wire shirt that embraces the bottom of the short shorts will help you create a feeling. body proportion, slim, legs much longer and taller.

Likewise, cascading two-wire or underarm t-shirts will also help you score more in the eyes of people.