Along with other youthful motifs, plaid motifs have really made a new wave of fashion trends. But as soon as it reached the peak of popularity, striped outfits began to appear with dizzying frequency on the streets, in fashion shops and in ladies' wardrobes, followed by boredom. inevitable. 

To prevent yourself from falling into the hundreds of girls wearing "same as one" plaid, rely on the style you choose to have the most subtle plaid style.

Youth fashion mix with plaid motifs

If you like simple, classic style

Then the dresses with small stripes adorn the bottom or the monochrome pull-ups with decorative stripes will be the very suitable choice for you. Remember the rule: 1 normal item has to come with a standout / standout item, and you will have your own fully packed item.

A t-shirt and skinny pants are enough for a sweet outfit, the problem lies in how you choose the shoes and accessories to go with. Still simple, but the sailor-style plaid pull-out shirt "blows" more youthfulness into the believer's outfit.

If you are a fan of dynamism

Then do not hesitate to try the hottest trends right now: snapback caps, overalls, ombre pants ... so that your plaid outfit is still flexible, not too dry as people think. tomboy girls must be.


Incorporate new trends into your outfit naturally and smoothly. Plaid pullover, plaid skirt when mixed with cable caps, overalls and bread shoes exude the style of the person wearing them. Croptop and plaid fishtail skirt are items that are making fashion followers "crazy".

Wear plaid clothes in a seductive style

To be charming with plaid items, you have to pay close attention to the small details: the hem lines, the plaid pattern layout, the color ... 

More important is how Flexible mix from 1: 1 to layering or choose the right hairstyle and lipstick color to wear beautiful plaid clothes.

Peplum shirt

The stripes at the bottom of the peplum make the whole outfit come alive. Choose white, red plaid stripes or mix layering will help pop up the charm of plaid outfits. 

With summer day weather, mix plaid with shorts and cool colors to get the outfit really attractive.